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Velux Blinds – Cover Your Loft Window Or Skylight In Style With Velux Blinds

Windows and skylights are great for lighting, but are there times you don't want the light to come in? In this case, Velux blinds come into play.

Velux blinds are blinds specially developed for velux skylights. Since these windows are angled and not completely vertical. Due to this reason, a special type of window covering is required to properly cover the windows or skylights. If you are trying to install simple curtains on the roof instead of Velux blinds, they don't cover the windows at all and actually hang up like vertical windows. It seemed so stupid and totally pointless.


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Velux blinds fit perfectly into this window so that no light escapes at any given time. You may be wondering how to use Velux blinds to raise or lower them after being in the skylight? Do you need to take the ladder every time you want to make an adjustment? This is definitely not the case. Most Velux blinds are actually controlled electronically via a switch or remote control.

The only drawback of Velux blinds is their high price. This is due to the special design of the blinds, the electronic trigger mechanism, and the few manufacturers that manufacture this type of blind. However, if you have a window sill or attic where you want to limit the amount of light that comes in at certain times of the day, the best way to do this is with Velux blinds. You will not be disappointed in the quality and capabilities of your Velux Venetian blinds.