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What Are The Different Types Of Wine?

If you are a beginner in the wine world, you may find that the volume of wine types available is quite large. Of the thousands of wines, how do you determine which one? And how do you choose a good wine to try first? In this post give you a basic overview of the different types of grapes so you don't panic when you're tracing the grape trail. 

First, what is wine? Simply put, grapes are fermented grape juice. Grapes are very different from the grapes at your grocery store: they are small, sweet, thick-skinned, and rich in seeds. You can learn about wine by doing fundamental wine course through various online resources.

basic wine course

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The different types of wines as follows:

1. Red wine

Red wine is made from fermented black grapes with grape skins, seeds and stems. Red wine is rich in tannins, which cause a bitter, dry taste in the mouth after one sip. 

Professional Advice: Red wine is best drunk at room temperature or slightly below. Because if red wine is cooled, the tannins it contains become bitter. 

2. White wine

White wine is made from white and black grapes. But while red wine is fermented with grape skins, white wine is not. Instead, the skins are separated so that only clear grape juice is used. White wine has a small amount of tannin; it is the sour nature that describes the fresh, crunchy and sour taste.