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Who Makes The Best NATO Strap?

The NATO-style strap for watches has evolved into more than an essential accessory to your watch's a requirement when you're a fan of watches. It's not difficult to see why: NATO strap isn't costly and durable, it's easy to swap it in and out, easy to clean, and its military-inspired designs are part of the trend of tactical that isn't going away.

It's important to note that if have a beautiful watch, think about purchasing a quality NATO band (In Norwegian “nato klokkerem”).

nato klokkerem

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What should you purchase? It's possible to spend some money for a basic NATO. If you opt for the best, you'll receive an exquisitely designed, comfortable method to keep your expensive timepiece securely tucked into your wrist.

There is a myriad of alternatives for you to buy from the smaller brands that can be found on the internet.

Crown & Buckle has made leather accessories as well as NATO straps for many years but their latest offering, the Supreme is their version of the top-of-the-line "seatbelt-style" NATO strap.

The Supreme's strong, tight nylon weave can deliver on the promise of a similar feel to a seatbelt, and overall, it's a NATO that's both tough and comfortable against your wrist.

The Maratac is among the most affordable straps listed on this list, but it's not without quality. It's built upon the original G10 design, but it's been enhanced. The weave of the strap is clean and tight and although it's not the softest, it's much more comfortable than other standard NATO straps.