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Why Do So Many Critical Water Treatment Applications Rely On Ozone In Canada?

Ozone technology as the piping solution of choice for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential uses. Today, spa ozone generators are installed in nearly 80% of all hot tubs, making the leading ozone brand in the hot tub market. The Nebula Ozone company also makes ozone sanitary products for on-site laundry, commercial water sports, swimming pools, and other household products.

Here are some pretty convincing reasons:

• Ozone (O3) is a gas obtained from oxygen which is easily soluble in water

• Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent and antimicrobial disinfectant

• Dissolved ozone (aqueous ozone) is odorless

• Aqueous ozone is an effective micro flocculant

• Aqueous ozone is a strong antimicrobial agent

• Ozone can replace or significantly reduce the need for conventional chemicals

Ozone injected into pool water offers tremendous public health benefits as it combats recreational diseases in the water and significantly reduces chloramine levels (caused by swimmer's asthma, lifeguard lung, and other problems) in the water.

Ozone excels in saltwater purification, creating clean water without harming equipment or the environment. The oxidizing power of ozone cannot be compared with competing technologies.

It is clear that ozone is a convincing argument for almost any application where purity is important. Safe, natural and effective, ozone provides the cleanliness needed for many commercial, industrial and domestic needs.