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Why Whiteboard Animation Is So Important

The usual scenario is that you want to find something on the web, you type in a few keywords into a search engine of your choice and then trawl through the results in chronological order, from the first results on page 1 and possibly page 2 – generally, that's it. We have high expectations of the internet and we want instant results without a huge amount of work.

We open up a website, our eyes scoot around the text for signs that it addresses our needs and then on average, 10-12 seconds later we will decide whether to explore further or move back to the search engine. So for the website owner, the window of opportunity to engage with your visitors is gone in the time it takes you to sip a cup of coffee.
The challenge is to make your website as inviting as is possible and to get your key message across to the reader in a relevant, innovative and eye-catching way – ideally in ten seconds. That's a pretty big ask, but there is an answer and that answer is a video… in particular whiteboard animation software that can produce whiteboard animation videos. You can search for professional whiteboard animation video services through to provide you with an engaging animated video. 
Reading a mass of text is generally pretty unpalatable for the usual web surfer – information is needed quickly and with minimal effort. Using video allows you to do a number of things.
Firstly we are generally a curious bunch, so the temptation to see what is behind the play button is often one that we cannot resist and is a much more attractive proposition than reading through pages of text.
Secondly, we can get our message across really quickly, and it sticks with the reader as our brains are much more receptive to images.